Friday, September 9, 2011

May 2011

Images from May:

Micalee's new Earth sprinkler! She has been fascinated with Earth & the moon. I found this on Ebay & she loves it! It's also good for watering the grass!

Micalee had her Preschool graduation in May. Here she is on stage singing with her classmates!

And here she is with her "diploma"!!! I can't believe how far she's come since those first tearful days (or weeks) of preschool!

Micalee finally got to experience her first parade at the Poke Salad Festival. It is such a nice small town festival & it just perfect for her first experience! And boy, did she rack up! So much candy, toys, beads, etc! Just plain 'ole fun!

Followed by good 'ole carnival fun! Even better because she got to share it with her cousins, Jacob & Jace!

Cooling down at Brownlee Park.

So proud of herself for climbing to the top of the rock in the sand pit!!!

And most importantly, May marked the 2nd anniversary of our referral day. And here's a look at the how much this beautiful, amazing little girl has changed in just two years!

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K said...

love the then and now (love has made her grow) AWESOME! Kelly