Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy (?!) 2-Year LID Anniversary to us!

Well, this is a milestone (see picture....pun intended!)! Our Dossier was officially logged in 2 years ago! WOW! We've been waiting a loooooong time! Four times as long as we originally thought this process would take (and still a good while is ahead of us). Alot has happened in the past 2 years; friends and family have had babies that are now toddlers, debts have been paid off and we've managed to build up a little savings(that's a good thing!), we're finally getting in shape (waited 'til the last minute!) and of course older (not so good!), and we have started and finished a wonderful nursery that just needs a little girl in it to make it really complete. But at the same time, everything seems to have been on hold for us. We're just waiting! Not sure what to do next. Are we actually close enough now to start checking out Day Care options and Pediatricians? Should we not schedule a 10th Anniversary Vacation because of the chance we may be getting our referral around that time? So we still just wait. Wait to see what the next batch of referral looks like; and then the next, and then to see how, if any, the Olympic will affect us, to see if we can judge when we may be getting our referral. When we can start actually planning and enjoying this process again. When we can finally have an idea to tell family and friends when they might be able to finally give us a baby shower. When we can get all the little last minute things we want to get for the Nursery. When we can start worrying about luggage and what we need to pack for a child who doesn't know us. When we can look at airline tickets and hotels in China. I'm so looking forward to being overwhelmed again, with all that we will need to do! I'm tired of just waiting! I want to be preparing again! I need to be preparing again! And I think that time is getting close. Even if we don't have Micalee home by Christmas (which of course would be the most wonderful thing ever if she was here!) , I think we'll know who she is and have picture of her by then! I think this is our year! I could be wrong, but I just feel it. So Happy LID Anniversary to us for all that we've endured in the past 2 years of waiting. All the questions we've tried to answer, when we really didn't know the answers (and still don't)!
Hopefully, we have alot less waiting ahead of us!