Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We've reached 2 1/2 years of waiting!

Well, it's officially been 2 1/2 years (30 months!) since we were LID (and over 3 years since we first started this process)!!! There was a small glimpse of a possible speed up with the last batch coming earlier than usual & including more days than usual (lately, anyway!). If CCAA were to miraculously refer an entire months worth of LID's, we could potentially have a referral next month. Of course that won't be the case, but to think if things were like they were way back then, we would be next! As it stands now, I still think we'll get our referral in February & travel in April. Maybe I'll be surprised again by a larger batch! How awesome would that be!?! We just sent off our renewal for our 171-H & are waiting to hear back about being refingerprinted (3rd time, and we still have the same fingers!) and if the US still approves us to adopt (wouldn't that just be the icing on this incredibly long wait of a cake!). This should be the last time we have to do that paperwork! I'm just ready to buy plane tickets to China!