Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 YEARS!!!

Today is our 3 year LID Anniversary! I really never thought we would go past 3 years, but here we are! We have only 4 LID days between the last group of referrals and our LID. It would seem as though we would be next, but as luck would have it March 7th is supposedly a very large day for LIDs, so instead of being next (which David still thinks we will be, and I'm hoping he's right!), we should almost certainly be next-next! If David is right, then we would get our referral somewhere near April Fool's Day (appropriately so!), and if I'm right, it would be May Day (also appropriate, since we're now scared to death!). And we will finally get to travel to China to get her about 6-8 weeks after we get her referral picture! Either way, we are just months away from seeing a picture of Micalee, knowing how old she is, where she is living & approximately when we'll be able to hold her for the first time! We're excited, scared, anxious, and ready to finally be a family! I never thought it would take so long, but I know it has all been for a reason, and as soon as we do get to hold her, I'm sure it will make perfect since!