Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, we missed making an entry on our 32 month LID anniversary, because we were busy visiting Mickey Mouse! It was a much needed break for both of us! However, it was very strange the number of run-ins we had with little Asian children. It seemed that no matter where we were sitting for a show, parade, or dinner, that a least one, if not more, small Asian child would end up seated next to us! We even had dinner with a two little girls (Asian) from Canada! We were either being tested or it was a continuous sign that things we going to be okay, and we, too, would eventually get to take our little Asian girl to Disney World! Whatever it was, it was near scary how often it occurred! Anyway, it's been officially 32 months since we were LID & now we're trying desperately to get our current 171-H renewed, but I think we're in the home stretch now (at least I hope so!). This last month didn't look too good for numbers of days referred, so hopefully the next months will be better. I'm still hoping for a February referral, but March or April may be more realistic! Only time will tell!