Saturday, December 13, 2008

33 Months...

Dec 10th was our 33 month LID anniversary. 33 months since we were logged in. CCAA just matched through 2/23/06. Our LID is just 15 days behind that, but still, according to predictions, it could take another 6 months to get to us. Maybe I'm just hopelessly optimistic, but I just can't see it taking THAT long. They have averaged 6 days per month, so that would put us 3 months away. There are a few LID days that are supposedly huge, but there have been in the past, too. I guess we'll have to wait & see. I'm thinking more March instead of February, but still, better than six months away! I'm been doing pretty good with the whole Christmas thing. It's hard at times to think how many Christmases I thought would be the last without Micalee, but this one has to be! I think she's already here on this earth, waiting, just like we are, but not sure for what. In a way it's harder to know she's born, because I wonder how she is being cared for and if she is safe, warm and happy. This has been such a long, emotional journey, and I'm ready to get to the destination! It's depressing to see the poll I had going so long ago with predictions of when we will be getting our referral. Maybe it's time to start a new one!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, we missed making an entry on our 32 month LID anniversary, because we were busy visiting Mickey Mouse! It was a much needed break for both of us! However, it was very strange the number of run-ins we had with little Asian children. It seemed that no matter where we were sitting for a show, parade, or dinner, that a least one, if not more, small Asian child would end up seated next to us! We even had dinner with a two little girls (Asian) from Canada! We were either being tested or it was a continuous sign that things we going to be okay, and we, too, would eventually get to take our little Asian girl to Disney World! Whatever it was, it was near scary how often it occurred! Anyway, it's been officially 32 months since we were LID & now we're trying desperately to get our current 171-H renewed, but I think we're in the home stretch now (at least I hope so!). This last month didn't look too good for numbers of days referred, so hopefully the next months will be better. I'm still hoping for a February referral, but March or April may be more realistic! Only time will tell!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yep, we're officially at 31 months of waiting! Again, this month, I realized at the end of the work day, it was our LID anniversary, and again, I had a rotten day. Coincidence? I don't think so! I guess even my subconscious can count! It was even more rotten today, because besides having issues at work, I was trying to get in touch with our region's USCIS office to get clarification on a letter we received yesterday wanting a FULL home study report instead of the update we sent in with our renewal request (like we did the last time without a problem). Well, obviously, the phone number I used over a year ago isn't good anymore, or no one was there today, because the phone just rang and rang, and there was no voice mail or messaging at all. And to top it all off, when I called the National Service Center number to attempt to get a local number, they said they didn't have one! Right! I'm sure they have no way to get in touch with the regional offices! So anyway, we're having our Social Worker write up a full home study report, AND re-run our Child Abuse and Criminal Background clearances. Hopefully, this will suffice! And hopefully, we'll be done with this paperwork! The free fingerprinting went smoothly, so I thought we were home free until we got that darn letter! I'm still predicting a referral in February & travel in April! And the way the referrals have been going, that's still very possible. We're on the downhill stretch, but it still feels like the closer we get, the further we are away!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We've reached 2 1/2 years of waiting!

Well, it's officially been 2 1/2 years (30 months!) since we were LID (and over 3 years since we first started this process)!!! There was a small glimpse of a possible speed up with the last batch coming earlier than usual & including more days than usual (lately, anyway!). If CCAA were to miraculously refer an entire months worth of LID's, we could potentially have a referral next month. Of course that won't be the case, but to think if things were like they were way back then, we would be next! As it stands now, I still think we'll get our referral in February & travel in April. Maybe I'll be surprised again by a larger batch! How awesome would that be!?! We just sent off our renewal for our 171-H & are waiting to hear back about being refingerprinted (3rd time, and we still have the same fingers!) and if the US still approves us to adopt (wouldn't that just be the icing on this incredibly long wait of a cake!). This should be the last time we have to do that paperwork! I'm just ready to buy plane tickets to China!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

29 Months and counting....

Sunday marked our 29th month of our LID. As of today, we are officially 38 LID's away from our referral. So close, yet so far! We've been enjoying watching the Olympics and hope they don't cause a big slow down. The CCAA referred 6 days worth of LID's this past month, so if they stay at that rate we are 7 months away from our referral, which would put us March 2009. That would be an official 3 year wait. Let hope it doesn't go longer and pray it gets even shorter!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

LID Anniversay...

Today is our 28 month Anniversary of being logged in for Micalee. 28 long months behind us! We've started making reservations for our November 10th Wedding Anniversary Vacation. It's good to have something to occupy some of the wait. November is only 4 months away, and then maybe, just maybe, we'll have our referral a few months after that! That would be SO cool! And very conceivable! Keep your fingers crossed! I wouldn't mind having to cancel reservations in November to go to China instead!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well, our 2008 Family Edition Biggest Loser competition has come to and end, and the winner is.........ME! Way to go, me! I've lost 44 pounds since January 1st! Our group total weight loss was 185.6 pounds (seven participants over 6 months!). That's an entire person! I'm so proud of everybody for all their hard work in making themselves healthier! I'd still like to loss another 20-25 pounds! Maybe before I can get the rest off before I climb the Great Wall of China!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

27 Months and counting.....

Hey! I know, I'm a couple of days late for our LID-anniversary post! We've hit the 27 month mark! Crazy, huh?!? We've decided to go ahead and plan our 10th wedding anniversary/vacation for mid-November, thinking there is no threat of getting our referral before then, or even then. Maybe it will be like washing you car then having it rain! That'll be okay; we can always change our plans! This last month's batch of referral covered 8 days (through 1/20/06), so at 49 days between the last LID referred and our LID of 3/10/06. If that stays the average, and CCAA doesn't skip a month of referral during the Olympics, we could POTENTIALLY have our referral in January 2009. A speed up, of course, would mean sooner, and a slow down would mean later! I have a gut feeling our referral will be in Feb 2009 (around my birthday!) with travel in Apr 2009 (around David's birthday!). And while I'm predicting, I think Micalee has already been born, probably in May (around Mother's day; maybe because of the poem Jeanie wrote for me "from Micalee") . We'll just have to wait & see! So, I hate to say it, but for some reason I have a renewed excitement about this whole thing. I know I shouldn't, because still, anything can happen. We still have to renew our fingerprints, have our homestudy updated and renew our Immigration approval (171-H expires in November). We'll probably do that late Summer or early Fall before we go on vacation. At least we should qualify for the free extension this time!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A very special Mother's Day gift...

I wanted to share a poem my sister, Jeanie, wrote for me for Mother's Day. Maybe other waiting mothers will find comfort in it, as I did.

A Million Stars
A Mother's Day Poem from Micalee
26 months ago the Angels started singing your name,
God told me I would be going home to you;
25 million stars light the way of the path,
That lets me see my new dream come true.
24 hours a day I watch you as you go,
You think of me so often, and each time, I know.
Too many times I have watched as you cried,
Not knowing when I will com home;
But, Mommy, I am swinging on the moon humming a song,
So the time doesn't seem to me so long.
15 giggles I have laughed out loud,
And I thought you heard me, although I wouldn't know how.
So many stories I have heard about you,
From those who once held you so dear;
They met me first, but can't wait to send me off,
Though the say they'll miss me up here.
10 times I have whispered to you,
And though you may not have heard me, I think that you knew.
You see, God made me special and especially for you,
And this is all a part of his plan;
And when we're together and meet that first day,
You'll think back and then understand.
3 Mother's Days I have sent down my love,
In the sunshine, the starlight and dew;
And though I'm not there, you're still Mommy to me,
And I am waiting for you, too.
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!
I Love You from a Million Stars,
***Thank you SO much, Jeanie!****I have read this poem over and over again, and I still cry! Blogger is not letting me put space in between segments of the poem! Sorry; it makes it harder to read!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Eve....

Well, here I am on the day before Mother's Day, 26 months since being logged in to get Micalee, and feeling very sorry for myself! And what's even more depressing is I can't be certain that this will be the last Mother's Day that I'm not a mommy! I'm hoping so, but not really convinced yet! The last month only covered 3 days of LID's (not good!) and the effect the Olympics may have is still unknown. I've been an emotional wreck this week! I watched P.S. I Love You last night and sobbed during the entire movie! My eyes are still red! It was probably good to let it all out, though. David has been super understanding and even left me roses and a Mother's Day ("to be") card this morning. Of course, I cried again! There's not much to say on when I think we'll get our referral, because I'm just not sure. I keep saying "this time next year", and it eventually has to be true. Only 57 days worth of LID behind the last referral group, but the end seems to be nowhere in sight! Happy Mother's Day to those who already have children at home and those whose children are only in their dreams and hearts!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

25th LID Anniversary...

Well, nothing new to report. Still waiting and will be for a while longer! CCAA only referred 5 days worth of LID's this past month; not good! So, no speed up this month! Someone in our LID Forum on the RQ site calculated when referrals might potentially be, based on average days referred per month. Here are the potential referral dates based on our LID. If CCAA starts averaging 15 days per month (yeah, right!) then we would get our referral in July 2008; for 13 days/month, in August 2008; for 11 days/month, in Sept 2008; for 9 days/month, in Oct 2008; for 7 days/month (the average trend right now), in Dec 2008; for 5 days/month (like this month was!), in March 2009; and if only 3 days/month, in Nov 2009 (you get the idea)!!! We are only 60 days past the date that referrals have been made through. Sounds like we'd be getting SO close, but as you can see, every little day counts! I just keep waiting for some kind of speed up, but it hasn't happened! And no one is really sure how the Olympics (in Aug 2008) may affect things! Just more waiting to see what happens! On a good note, our Biggest Loser Family competition is going very well!!! In the first 3 months we (7 participants) have lost a combined weight of 155 pounds!!! That's a whole person! And so far, I'm in the lead!!! I'm hoping I can keep of losing and hold on to the lead (the competition is close!). I'm proud of all we've done, and we are all getting so much healthier! That's truly the best part of this competition! I'll keep everyone posted!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy (?!) 2-Year LID Anniversary to us!

Well, this is a milestone (see picture....pun intended!)! Our Dossier was officially logged in 2 years ago! WOW! We've been waiting a loooooong time! Four times as long as we originally thought this process would take (and still a good while is ahead of us). Alot has happened in the past 2 years; friends and family have had babies that are now toddlers, debts have been paid off and we've managed to build up a little savings(that's a good thing!), we're finally getting in shape (waited 'til the last minute!) and of course older (not so good!), and we have started and finished a wonderful nursery that just needs a little girl in it to make it really complete. But at the same time, everything seems to have been on hold for us. We're just waiting! Not sure what to do next. Are we actually close enough now to start checking out Day Care options and Pediatricians? Should we not schedule a 10th Anniversary Vacation because of the chance we may be getting our referral around that time? So we still just wait. Wait to see what the next batch of referral looks like; and then the next, and then to see how, if any, the Olympic will affect us, to see if we can judge when we may be getting our referral. When we can start actually planning and enjoying this process again. When we can finally have an idea to tell family and friends when they might be able to finally give us a baby shower. When we can get all the little last minute things we want to get for the Nursery. When we can start worrying about luggage and what we need to pack for a child who doesn't know us. When we can look at airline tickets and hotels in China. I'm so looking forward to being overwhelmed again, with all that we will need to do! I'm tired of just waiting! I want to be preparing again! I need to be preparing again! And I think that time is getting close. Even if we don't have Micalee home by Christmas (which of course would be the most wonderful thing ever if she was here!) , I think we'll know who she is and have picture of her by then! I think this is our year! I could be wrong, but I just feel it. So Happy LID Anniversary to us for all that we've endured in the past 2 years of waiting. All the questions we've tried to answer, when we really didn't know the answers (and still don't)!
Hopefully, we have alot less waiting ahead of us!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

23 down.......? more to go! I just couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging our 23 month LID anniversary. Not something really to celebrate, other than the fact that we've kept our sanity for this long (or maybe not!). But that is 23 months behind us, and for every month behind us, that's one less in front of us! So, I guess it's not that bad of a thing! So for everyone else waiting along with us, we ARE getting closer and although it's very hard to even imagine anymore, this WILL happen!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

As of the first of the year, David & I, along with 5 other family members are in a little friendly family "Biggest Loser" competition to see who can lose the biggest percentage of their body weight by the 4th of July. Our first month's numbers are in, and I am SO proud of all of us! We lost a combined weight of 86.6 pounds (between 7 participants)! Tracy & I lost the most (16 pounds each in only one month!), but Tracy had the biggest percentage ('cause I weigh alot more than she does!). Watch out, Tracy! I'll be working extra hard this month to take over the lead! Our reward, besides being healthier and thinner, is $700 (we each contributed $100 to the reward)! At this rate, we will all need the money to buy a new wardrobe!!! Keep it up, everybody!

Friday, January 11, 2008

22 months of waiting behind us!

Wow! I almost forgot to post our LIDiversary! Yesterday was officially our 22 month mark. That explains the funk I was in yesterday (that has continued into today)! I just thought I was hormonal, but I must have remembered way back in my brain what the 10th of the month symbolized; another month of waiting. Oh well, that's one month closer to finally seeing Micalee! It will happen, it will happen, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!! And we will continue to wait, as patiently as possible, until we do finally get the call and get to see a picture of the little girl we have been waiting for for so long! We've decided this will be the year to get ourselves in shape (finally!), so we can climb the Great Wall without needing a paramedic when we're done! We're doing pretty good so far, losing weight by eating healthier and exercising. Of coarse, it has helped by making it into a competition, our own version of the "Biggest Loser"! Watch out, Jeanie, you know how competitive I can be!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy 2008, everybody! We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and healthy new year. We hope all of your hopes are fulfilled and all of your New Year's resolutions are realized. We hope those of you still waiting have their children home this year. Come on 2008, bring us Micalee!!!