Friday, June 26, 2009

We have confirmed travel dates!!!!

Well, it's not as soon as we wanted, but we finally have our travel dates!!! We are leaving for China on July 23rd & will FINALLY meet Micalee on July 28th (hey, Janea, that's your birthday!)!!! We can finally start making travel arrangements & book our flights! How exciting!!! Below is our "tentative" schedule while in China:

7/23 - Depart US
7/24 - Arrive in Beijing
7/25 - Beijing Tour
7/26 - Fly to Jiangxi Province (where Micalee is!)
7/28 - Meet Micalee Day!!!
7/31 - Fly to Guangzhou
8/4 - American Consulate Appt
8/5 - Oath Ceremony at American Consulate
8/7 - Leaving China & coming home with Micalee!!!

All the "in between" days will be filled with touring, shopping & bonding with our new little girl!!! We are so excited & don't know where to start first! We still have paperwork to collect, baby-proofing to do, packing to do, getting more organized.........

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Have TA!!!!

Our agency received a "surprise package" today - our long awaited Travel Approvals!!!! They will spend the next couple of days trying to arrange for our Consulate Appointment & checking on guide availability, then, hopefully by next week, we will have our travel dates & be able to buy our tickets!!!! Unreal!!!! I'll keep everyone posted!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Baby Shower!

Wow! We had the BEST baby shower!!! My sisters put together a very fun & memorable day! I don't have room to post all of the pictures here, but you can get an idea from these few! One of my sister had purchased these little Chinese rubber duckies a long time back, and as soon as saw one of them, I recognized the symbol on its chest. It was "Fu", which is Micalee's last name given to her by her orphanage. What an awesome "red thread" experience! They had thought of everything! They had a banner of our picture linked with Micalee's referral picture by a red thread. They had her Chinese name (along with the meaning)
posted at the door! They had a special seating area for us marked with "Micalee's Mommy" and "Micalee's Daddy", along with a sash for me to wear & a ball cap for David to wear. The food was wonderful, the cake was beautiful, the games were fun. But, I couldn't believe how many friends & family members made it to the shower! (And thank you for tolerating the heat!) I am truly grateful for such wonderful people in my life! It means more to be than they will ever know! They all showed such love & support for our new family! I can't wait for Micalee to meet each & every one of them! She will be blessed to have such a wonderful extended family! You can see the little lady bugs in some of the pictures. My sister & nephews made those from rocks! Too cute!!! They provided a matted photo of Micalee for everyone to write a message to her! We will treasure that forever! Oh, and the gifts! I don't think I have a picture of everything together, but let me tell you, we shouldn't need much else for a long time! Everyone was so incredible generous & creative! Thank you to each & everyone of you! You will never know how much this meant to us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We just need our Travel Approval (which we are still not-so-patiently awaiting, and then we can go get our little girl & bring her home!