Monday, May 12, 2008

A very special Mother's Day gift...

I wanted to share a poem my sister, Jeanie, wrote for me for Mother's Day. Maybe other waiting mothers will find comfort in it, as I did.

A Million Stars
A Mother's Day Poem from Micalee
26 months ago the Angels started singing your name,
God told me I would be going home to you;
25 million stars light the way of the path,
That lets me see my new dream come true.
24 hours a day I watch you as you go,
You think of me so often, and each time, I know.
Too many times I have watched as you cried,
Not knowing when I will com home;
But, Mommy, I am swinging on the moon humming a song,
So the time doesn't seem to me so long.
15 giggles I have laughed out loud,
And I thought you heard me, although I wouldn't know how.
So many stories I have heard about you,
From those who once held you so dear;
They met me first, but can't wait to send me off,
Though the say they'll miss me up here.
10 times I have whispered to you,
And though you may not have heard me, I think that you knew.
You see, God made me special and especially for you,
And this is all a part of his plan;
And when we're together and meet that first day,
You'll think back and then understand.
3 Mother's Days I have sent down my love,
In the sunshine, the starlight and dew;
And though I'm not there, you're still Mommy to me,
And I am waiting for you, too.
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!
I Love You from a Million Stars,
***Thank you SO much, Jeanie!****I have read this poem over and over again, and I still cry! Blogger is not letting me put space in between segments of the poem! Sorry; it makes it harder to read!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Eve....

Well, here I am on the day before Mother's Day, 26 months since being logged in to get Micalee, and feeling very sorry for myself! And what's even more depressing is I can't be certain that this will be the last Mother's Day that I'm not a mommy! I'm hoping so, but not really convinced yet! The last month only covered 3 days of LID's (not good!) and the effect the Olympics may have is still unknown. I've been an emotional wreck this week! I watched P.S. I Love You last night and sobbed during the entire movie! My eyes are still red! It was probably good to let it all out, though. David has been super understanding and even left me roses and a Mother's Day ("to be") card this morning. Of course, I cried again! There's not much to say on when I think we'll get our referral, because I'm just not sure. I keep saying "this time next year", and it eventually has to be true. Only 57 days worth of LID behind the last referral group, but the end seems to be nowhere in sight! Happy Mother's Day to those who already have children at home and those whose children are only in their dreams and hearts!