Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!
Check out our pumpkin! We carved the Chinese symbol for "good fortune", called Fu. Hopefully, it will help bring a huge group of referrals this month! Anything we can do to help! We are exactly 100 days of LID's from ours, but I calculated that at a rate of 10 days of LID's per month (and at this point, that is wishful thinking!), we are 10 months away from a referral (August 2008). If only CCAA would speed up! We could be closer; of course, we could also (and most people believe) be further away. If the 15 day per month some have been predicting would only come to be, then we would be 7 months away (June 2008)! That, I could handle! I could probably handle just about anything that is definite! It's the not knowing that drives me crazy! That's why we carved a "good fortune" pumpkin; I've really been feeling like we need some!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It was been called to my attention (you know who you are!) that I am falling down on my "posting duties". So, here it is! Well, we've now been "officially" waiting for 19 months. That's 19 month since the Chinese officials logged in our paperwork. How much longer? Well, no one can seem to answer that. There's still speculation of a speed up, but when and how much of a speed up? No one knows! All we can do is wait, and we've had alot of practice with that, so we should be able to that without any problem. Then why is it getting harder!? Practice makes perfect, right?! Well, not in this case! Hopefully, it won't be another 19 months of waiting, but I guess we know what that feels like already, right?! I'm still hanging my hopes, dreams and prayers on a early Summer 2008 referral. I just want to be back with our little girl before the Olympics starts (August 8th). I'm afraid if we're not, that will be another slow-down. The song "Slow Boat to China" comes to mind! I wonder why!
Well, on a happier note, we have finished the nursery! I posted a couple of before and after pictures on the "Micalee's Room" blog, so if you get a chance, check them out. Pictures don't quite do it justice (can you tell we're proud!?), so all you "local folks" need to come by and check it out! There are plenty of toys you can play with while you're here!