Thursday, August 27, 2009

More pictures....

While Micalee is napping, I thought I'd post a few more pictures from this week.  There are a couple more of the pool (2nd time in!).  She wouldn't let me stay out for long, so I got to enjoy the water, too!  As you can see, she is letting Millie get closer to her without a problem.  In the one picture, Micalee is trying to drink water from the pool, just like Millie had done.  Then she poured a stacking cup full of water on Millie's head!  We went to the park one day this week & had a picnic.  Of course she liked it; there was food (she now likes french fries!)!  She played on some of the equipment, but I think I'll need to go back when David can go with us, so she can have one of us on each end of the slide to feel more comfortable!  She did get to feed the ducks some crackers, but wanted to get dangerously close to the water.  The girl is fearless!  She chased the geese, but we were out of crackers & didn't get to feed them.  She ran from them when they started heading in our direction. We also planted some flowers in pots, but she was mostly interested in shoveling the dirt in & out.  She could care less if the flowers ever got in the pots!  But, she did want to water them this morning!  She is still letting us know what she wants & needs (mostly food!) by leading us around & pointing,  I'm sure it's just a matter of time before some good English comes from her lips.  She understands what words are for things, but chooses not to try to say too much for now.  She imitates some things, but nothing to help us know what she wants or needs.  She certainly has her ways of letting us know for now!  She is still sleeping very well through the night & goes to sleep without much trouble.  Nap time is pretty good, too!  She likes to go outside & sit on the front steps (& eat her snacks)!  She loves riding in her stroller every night after dinner.  She LOVES her bath & quiet playtime in her room before bed.  She loves riding in her car seat & going shopping (she loves the carts now!).  She loves waking up in the morning & waving at her tree above her crib & the butterfly & bird in the tree.  I think she even loves her Mommy & Daddy!  I know we love her!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pool Time!!!

Well, last weekend we tried to get Micalee in the kiddie pool, but it was nothing but tears.  We thought she would love it, because she loves her bath SO much.  This time we got in with her and she LOVED it!  Here are some of the pictures of her playing in her pool.  The one with her mouth wide open isn't crying; it's her getting squirted in the face with one of her toys!  She loves it & squeals in delight!  She did want out once I got out, but I think that will change quickly (it did with the bath!).  Right now, she is taking her "right on time" nap.  I'm starting to love nap time, and not because I get a break from her, but because I love the quiet time before she goes to sleep, when I'm rocking her & head is on my shoulder & her arm around mine.  Then I miss her & can't wait 'til she wakes up!  Tomorrow David goes to back to work & then it's just the two of us.  I hope she doesn't miss her Daddy too much & does okay with only me at home.  We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Pictures of Micalee at home!

Well, we've been home 2 weeks today & things are really getting tons better! At first, Micalee was getting up in the middle of the night, but now, she sleeps almost 12 hours every night (with maybe one cry in the middle of the night that just requires a little pat on the belly for reassurance, then it's back to sleep!). She is getting used to having Millie around, although they are not yet best of friends. Millie is just so big compared to Micalee & she's still getting used to her size! She does share some of her snacks with her & now doesn't mind so much if Millie camps out underneath the high chair to catch a crumb (or entire sandwich!) or two! She tries to give the cat kisses, and the cat is being extremely tolerant considering his history of biting when too stimulated! He actually likes the attention Micalee gives him & sometimes follows her around for more! She is smiling & laughing so much more! She is now loving her Mommy & wants me to carry her or hold her hand & walk around the house. She is still exploring her surroundings, but is definitely starting to feel at home! Her personality is blossoming more & more. She is funny & makes the cutest faces! She is so animated! She copies everything we do & is starting to speak some English. She says: hi (& waves, for hi & good-bye), uh-oh, ouch, mama & dada (although she still doesn't always associate those with me & David!). I think her language will blossom over the next few months! She is very smart & inquisitive! I think we are all finally adjusting to being a family & finding a new schedule to fall into! I am enjoying her more & more each day! She is even allowing me to put her down for naps & sleep at night (which was once
a Daddy-only job!). What started out pretty rocky is becoming such a wonderful, beautiful thing! I love her to pieces & can't image life without her now! Enjoy the pictures of live with Micalee! And check out her 1st fishing hat! She loved the Bass Pro Shops & looking at all the fish in the big tank! And of course, eating out is one of her favorite things! She is so patient & good in the restaurants! And such a good eater! The girl can put it away for sure! I'll leave you with the pictures & will try to post some more soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures from home...

Sorry I haven't posted any pics lately!  We've only been home a couple of days & are trying to get adjusted to the time change & get some type of routine going!  It hasn't been the easiest few days, but it's definitely getting MUCH better!  Micalee is finally letting Millie & Harmony in the same room as her without screeching to the top of her lungs!  Bless her heart; if she only knew how sweet & gentle Millie is!  She finally slept most of the night last night (until 8AM!!!!), instead of getting up at 1 or 3 in the morning to play. Hopefully that was the start of something beautiful!  She's still exploring the house, but wants me to carry her most of time, which beats a couple of weeks ago when she wanted nothing to do with me!  She is starting to feel more comfortable & is showing her true personality more & more.  She is a sweet, smart little girl with a fiery temper!  She is playing more & more & was found a special bond with her cousin Jacob.  She even hugged him when they met us the airport!!  I've attached a few pictures of her trip home (love the big girl in the airplane pic!).  I'll try to update more often & I'm sorry if I haven't returned any emails or phone calls, but I will get to it.  There's a little girl taking up most of my time that I need to give my attention to right now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well, I've been up since 1am!!! Micalee is apparently still on China time & just want to get some sleep! I guess that may come later! She woke up crying & wouldn't go back to sleep & just wanted to walk around & play, so here I am, now watching her play & trying to play with her best I can without falling asleep. David is still sleeping, so maybe when he gets up, I can have a little nap! Hopefully, we can get her adjusted to the time change sometime soon, or we'll all end up sick! I need some sleep & she does, too! Until then, I guess it's back to the Choo-choo train!
(pictures later; if & when I find time!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well we are getting things together and packed for the trip. Our luggage will be picked up at 4:30 am, and we will leave the hotel at 5:30. Our American consulate appointment went well, little Cha Cha (we are throwing Micalee in there every chance we get) is allowed to enter the United States ( they apparently have never heard her scream). Been raining alot, typhoon close to Hong Kong. We will fly to Beijing and then head to Newark, over the North Pole again ( Jacob and Jace we will wave to Santa for you) Probably the last post from China, hopefully the flight will go well, cause you are not allowed to open the door once the plane is in the air!!!!!  Our little girl will either be a flying angel or the scourge of the skies, she really has no middle ground. All prayers will be greatly appreciated. For our family and friends that may meet us at the airport please know that screaming and crying hysterically is Chinese for "I love you".
David, Linda, and Micalee over and out from Guangzhou, China

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Full Day in Guangzhou

Well, it's our last full day in Guangzhou & we're just sitting in the hotel room waiting for the rain to clear so we can do some last minute souvenir shopping.  Micalee is playing & eating (she constantly has a cracker or cookie in her hand!).  Our US Consulate appointment is this afternoon & we leave EARLY in the morning to fly to Beijing so we can start our long flight home!  We are hoping the typhoon sitting off the coast will not delay our travel too much!  We are so ready to be home, but are seriously dreading the long flight home.  I hope Micalee is able to get some sleep.  She did fine on her first flight (to Guangzhou), but this will be SO MUCH LONGER!  If I get everything packed quickly tonight, I will try to post some more pictures.  We'll see ya'll soon in the good ole USA!!!

Rainy day in Guangzhou

It was a good thing that we had to hang out in the hotel room today, because it was raining most of the day anyway.  Micalee spent most of the morning playing with her dolls & imitating how we care for her.  It was too cute!!!  She would mix "food" in her stacking cups & feed her babies.  She brushed their hair. She patted her baby on the belly (the way David does to help her go to sleep).  She would tickle their bellies & put her shoes on their feet.  Just TOO cute!!!  She is still favoring David, especially in the mornings, but as the day goes on, she lets mommy do everything for her.  I was even the one who put her to sleep last night when David wasn't able (she was just too cranky!).  Last night, while she was in the tub, I handed her toothbrush to her & brushed my teeth in front of her, and she started brushing hers!  It was our first try; I've been too afraid to push her too much with things that could wait a while!  She loved it & kept playing with the toothbrush long after the toothpaste was gone!  She washes her stacking cups while she's bathing & then washes the sides of the bathtub with the washcloth!  We finally had a break in the rain, long enough to go out to get some lunch (more watermelon juice for her - she can't get enough of it!) & do some shopping.  Then we spent the last 2 hours playing & together & eating Ritz crackers & cookies, until she fell asleep in my arms with a half-eaten cracker in her hand!  She is coming out of her shell more & more everyday & has the sweetest personality (when she wants to!)!  She is still a strong-willed little girl, but is letting her Mommy & Daddy squeeze into her heart a little more each day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things are getting even better....

Here are more pictures from yesterday afternoon & this morning (it's easiest to post when Micalee is taking a nap!).  We spent a while in the playroom yesterday afternoon.  You can see Micalee playing with some of the toys, her friends (Noah in one of the pics) & having the most fun walking to Daddy!  She is loving the walking!  She is either wanting to be carried (most of the time!) or walking back & forth between me & David or in the room from the door (knocks & says "hello") & the window.  But mostly, she is still wanting to be carried, which for me is wonderful for now!  I think it will help her the most with attachment.  She is opening up more & more to me, but still favors her Daddy!  We found her new favorite drink - watermelon juice!  She drank a HUGE glass at dinner so quickly, we had to order another one!  She is still eating very well, but not wanting her bottle anymore.  We think she's getting enough nutrition in everything else she eats. She eats a variety!!!  I wish she still wanted her bottle at night, but so far, it makes her mad when you try to give it to her.  I'm sure she is associating it with going to sleep, which she also hates to do!  We have been spending most of our mornings & afternoons walking around the island & shopping.  She had her first Starbuck's yesterday morning (just fruit for her)!  As long as she's in the carrier, you can take her anywhere!  We had to wake her up from her nap yesterday to walk to the clinic to get her TB skin test read (negative!  No chest Xray!), and she didn't mind a bit, as long as she was being carried!  We still haven't been to the pool, but plan on trying later today!  I think she'll love it!  We walked by today & she loved looking at the waterfall.  Her sleep was a little better last night!  She only woke up once crying & it was so short-lived, that David didn't even remember it this morning!  I hope that keeps improving!  We're all pretty tired!  Tomorrow, our guide is going to the US Consulate on our behalf, so we have to be in the room to answer the phone if he has any questions.  The next day is our "ceremony", then Friday, finally heading for home!  We can't wait to get back & slip into our own routine, without appointments & hotels!  We are dreading the long flight home, though.  I hope she does okay!  That will be a long flight if she goes back to her screaming episodes!  Hopefully, our later flight will help her sleep!  I'm sure the time change & jet lag will have a huge effect on her, too, but hopefully, she'll adjust quickly to our home!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another quick post from David. Micalee let her mom carry her home from lunch today (a pretty fair distance) about a 20 minute walk. After that she played by the fish pond in the lobby with her for quite a while.....without reaching for me, at one point actually ignoring me...walking right past me with Linda, that wouldn't have happened even a day or two ago. Tonight Linda carried her to dinner, in the Ergo carrier, with no problems and sat with Linda all through dinner eating together. Finally a little crack in the Iron Princess of China. The girl knows what she wants. Still having problems at night with some sort of what we think may be night terrors. Makes for a very rocky night, but we are trying to press on. On the up side, there may not be a food group this child does not like, you name it and she will try it! Well gonna try to get things settled for the night, more pictures and posts probably tomorrow.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More from Guangzhou...

These are pictures from our 2nd night & 3rd day (2nd full day) in Guangzhou.  You can see that Micalee is happiest in the bathtub.  I think we're gonna try the pool later today.  Hopefully, that will go as well as the bath!  Yesterday, she was even more a Daddy's girl, well, until David didn't let her feed her watermelon to herself, then she thought she'd give me a try.  I let her feed some to herself, just so I could hold her a bit longer.  Right now, I'm taking whatever I can get.  The later in the day it is, the more she comes to me, even reaching out for me at times.  She is getting a little easier to calm down now (even letting me be the one to comfort her at times!), although when it's one of her just plain ole two-year-old temper tantrums, it still takes a while, but distraction with cookies seems to help!  That's the hardest part...determining when it's just a tantrum & when she needs us.  We're still struggling with that one.  We pretty much try to hold her & comfort her through whenever she has any kind of breakdown.  Bed time is still an issue.  She HATES going to sleep!  I think she thinks she's gonna miss something!  Last night was better, but she still wakes up a few times a night screaming.  Not sure if it's night terrors or something else.  She never looks fully awake.  We are trying to just pat her belly until she calms down (which seems to work the best) so that we don't fully wake her.  But when she is asleep, she will sleep through anything!  We're still all trying to figure each other out, but I think we're working in the right direction.  This is definately harder than I ever thought possible, even though I thought I was prepared by reading all I could before hand.  I knew we could be in trouble when our guide was giving a little talk before we all got our babies, and he said "for those of you who have less than 2 year old, you may have an easy baby...".  He never really addressed the "over 2 year old range".  I guess he didn't want to scare us off!!!  Anyway,  although she has been the greatest challenge we have ever or will ever face, I think she is totally worth it!  Just one smile with that cute little right sided dimple or a big belly laugh takes all the problems away, if only for a moment!

Pictures from Guangzhou (take two...)

Oops!  I must've forgotten to hit the "attach" button!  Here are yesterday's pics.  I'll try to add some later from today!  Today is one step forward, ten steps back!  I'm still trying to be as patient as possilbe, but I think my little girl hates me!  Oh well, time will tell!  I'm not giving up, so hopefully things will change soon!  Gotta run & try to get her to nap!