Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Micalee Dance Video

This one was at the Boardwalk. She LOVES that place, because she can just run around, and she loves the fountain! Most of the dancing was before we got the video going (of course), but check out her moves after she stops the stroller!

Some Fall Photos....

Here are some recent pictures of Micalee enjoying the fall weather (except the one of her wanting outside, even though it was pouring down rain....for days....)!  We took her to the pumpkin patch this past weekend & she had fun picking out pumpkins; she just didn't' want to pose for pictures!  We built a scarecrow in the front yard (like always, but this time had our little helper we have been waiting for years for!).  I thought she might be scared of him, but as you can see, she even tried to give him a kiss (or eat his carrot nose!)!  She wants to sit on the hay next to him every time she goes in the front yard, and she wants his arm around her shoulder!  She even waves hi & bye to him when we're coming or leaving home.  I will post another video of her after I get it uploaded.  Some more of her fancy dance moves! We're just having fun at home (except for when I work an occasional shift!) and enjoying this beautiful fall weather!  I hope it lasts!

Sunday, October 18, 2009