Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some more fall pictures....

Here are a few more pictures of Micalee enjoying the fall weather. This is her on Halloween Night! The picture is a little blurry, but it's my favorite one of her in her Ladybug costume. She had so much fun Trick-or-Treating, then at Aunt Jeanie's house for a bonfire!!!

This is Micalee at the State Fair! She got to "hold" this little chick (with a little help)!She got to pet the little chick & then gave it a kiss (this was after she grabbed the little thing by the neck; kinda reminds me of me when I as little!). She loved the animals most of all! I think we have a little farm girl on our hands! She even loved this cute little pig, but she wasn't so sure about feeding him! Look how excited she is to see the Zebra! She is getting so much more expressive these days! She was a little scared of first (mostly of the "carnies"), but she did eventually pick up her duckies & "won" two little hand puppets (Mommy helped pick them out!)! She had so much fun just walking (and running!) around. No, she didn't drink that big drink all by herself (we all shared), but she wanted to be in control (see, she is fitting in just perfectly!).

Here is little Micalee at her favorite place in the whole world - The Boardwalk. She loves to just walk around & play in the shrubs. She is truly nature's child!

This is the petting zoo at the Carnival in Blanchard. She was fascinated by the donkey!
Maybe too much! I was so scared he was going to back-kick her when she grabbed his tail!
This is Micalee dancing with her very favorite cousin, Jacob! There was no music! Just the music in her head!