Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Six months ago today....

I can't believe it has been six months since Micalee was placed in our arms! And what a time we've had since! It is so cool to look back on pictures of Micalee while we were in China and see how much she has changed! That afternoon six months ago had to be the scariest day of her life! To be handed over to complete strangers who didn't look like anyone she'd ever seen before, who smelled different and spoke some strange language she'd never heard! No wonder she was so scared! I would've screamed & kicked & bit, too, and probably alot longer than she did! It's amazing that we ever saw her not crying (which wasn't too often in China!)! What an amazing little girl to be able to adjust to such a major change in everything she ever knew! She didn't ask for us & I'm sure she pretty much held it all against us for a while, but that has all changed now. She still has the occasional "bad day" (or more like a moment of sorrow & grief), but they are so few and far between now! Back then, I never thought I'd see the day when she would see me from a distance & run to me smiling & laughing, with her arms stretched out, waiting for me to pick her up! It just makes me melt inside! Her smiles and laughter are so genuine now! She gives the prettiest smiles just with those beautiful eyes of hers! I only wish I could capture it on camera! She sees the camera & forces herself not to smile (little stinker!). I just have to steal a shot when she doesn't notice I have the camera. And she was come such a long way physically! She could hardly take a couple of steps by herself in China! Now she's running and shimmying up the stairs (with me right behind!). She is so loving and caring! I love watching her play with her babies; she gives them kisses & hugs and talks softly to them & feeds them. She has such a sweet, caring soul. And she is so smart & has picked up so many new words! She's just wonderful!!! We love you, Micalee! I am so very glad that YOU are my little girl! I know it was traumatic for you, but I will always hold the 26th of July in a very special place in my heart, because that is when I first held you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, Everybody!!! Wow, what a year it has been for us! I can't believe what a change over last year! No more moping around, wishing I had my little girl here; she IS here!!! And I'm having so much fun getting to stay home with her and watch her grow & blossom more and more every day! I now feel so lucky to have waited so long, so that we were matched with THIS beautiful little girl! I love you, Micalee! You have brought such joy to us! I hope this year brings even more joy! Here are a few updated pictures of little Miss Micalee Mei!!!
Micalee with her New Year's Eve tiara!

Here is Santa leaving Micalee way too many toys! We ate at a Chinese Buffet on Christmas Eve & Micalee's fortune cookie said "a visitor will soon delight you"! Wow cool was that!?

Here is Micalee opening one of her MANY gifts from our family! I guess they thought they had some catching up to do, although they have been buying gifts for her for years now!

I love this picture of Micalee in her hat & scarf her Aunt Jeanie had made for her! (Thanks for sending me the picture, too!)

And this is just a collage of some of the many faces of Micalee over the last few months!