Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More about Micalee....

We've received Micalee's translated Medical & Growth reports, and all is well! She is healthy! Her name translated: Fu=happiness, Na=elegant, Cha=tea. Fu is the last name given to all children in her orphanage. She is called by her middle name, Cha, and from what I've seen, most children are given their nickname by "doubling" the middle name, so she is probably called "Cha Cha"! Here are a few details in her report: she is a good eater (her favorite food is egg!) & she sleeps well (through the night!) - sounds like a good match already (we love to eat & sleep, too!)!!! She is shy & timid, likes to imitate people's actions, listen to music (yeah!), likes bath time, can sometimes be impatient (boy, do we know how that feels!). And the best thing she likes it playing outside (she should like her "outdoor" bedroom!)! Her favorite toy is ring-bell.

We can't wait to go get her! We should be hearing more from our agency about travel, but don't expect to travel until about 5 to 8 weeks from now! The sooner the better! We would love to be there for her 2nd birthday! We have already missed so much! But the best is yet to come!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And here she is......

Micalee Mei (Na Cha)
We cannot believe we are actually looking at pictures of our little girl! We're not sure when these were taken (forgot to ask when we got the call, and not sure if they knew anyway!). We are so excited & still shaking! We should have our original referral documents hopefully tomorrow. Her history is being translated & should be coming by email next week! She looks like she's a little sad, like she's waiting for her mommy & daddy to come get her! Hopefully, it won't be too long!


It's all a blur, but we just got the call! Here's what we know: Her Chinese name is Fu Na Cha. She was born on 7/4/07 (the 4th of July - Miss Independent!) so she's 22 months old! And she is in an orphanage in Jianxi Province (I think it's Fu Zhou SWI, but I can't read my writing & don't know if I even wrote it down right!). We should have pictures later today & will post them here as soon as we get them!

Millie's out of surgery!

Raymond (0ur vet) just called, & Millie is waking up & trying to stand. She had a pyometria (infected uterus) & had to have an emergency hysterectomy. If she didn't have surgery, it would quickly lead to sepsis & death (I covered her ears when Raymond said that in front of her). She will have to stay at the vet for 2 to 3 days for IV antibiotics. It's awfully quiet at home without her! We will be able to visit her tomorrow! But now that I know she is okay, I can concentrate on our pending referral!!!! It should be very, very soon! We keep checking the email for word from our agency that they have received them (phone calls should begin shortly after getting the email!).

It's finally happening!!!!

OMG!!!! Our agency has confirmed referrals are on the way & that we should be getting our phone call this afternoon! We are finally going to see a piture of our little girl!! We SO needed this today! I didn't sleep at all last night! With all of the rumors of possible referrals & having to take Millie to the vet for emergency surgery, I'm a nervous wreck!!!! I think I need to throw up! Stay tuned to see a picture of our long awaited Micalee!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day & Our 38 Month LID-Anniversary....

Wow! Could it get any better! We've hit another month LID Anniversary (although we thought we wouldn't) without our referral, and to make it worse, it's another Mother's Day without knowing who Micalee is & seeing her picture (which we thought we would have by now!). Thanks to this wonderful Swine Flu (here piggy, piggy), we don't know when we'll finally see our little girl's face for the first time! I'm hoping with less media coverage, and reports that it seems to be leveling off, that China will resume matching, and we will get our referral soon! I still can't believe the luck! After this excruciating long wait, to finally be so incredibly close to seeing her for the first time & then to be placed in absolute limbo! I still can't believe it! We have NO IDEA when we will get our referral. Our agency has no idea. They just keep checking everyday with the CCAA to see if matching has resumed. I don't know what to expect. Even if they do finally match & send referrals, will they allow us to travel? Right now, some provinces are not making Civil Affairs appointments (which means no adoption or travel). There are families with our agency that received their referrals last month who are still waiting for Travel Approval. Everything is so up in the air, and I just can't stand that! I could handle the waiting better if I had SOME idea of what to expect!!! This is so sad & so frustrating! And I can't stop eating (stress eater here!) & I'm too tied to the computer looking for any positive rumors to go exercise, so by the time we do get our referral, I should have gained at least 50 pounds (here piggy, piggy!)!!!