Friday, September 9, 2011

July 2011

July is a very special month to me. It's the month my sweet little Micalee was born & the month that we became a family two years later! I think about her birthmother alot in July. If she only knew how much this little girl was loved & how much she meant to this family, maybe it would help her come to peace with the most difficult decision I'm sure she ever had to make. Each day I thank her for her courage & love she showed my little girl in her early days, but even more so this month. As we've done the last couple of years, on the evening before Micalee's birthday, we released a single red balloon to honor her birthmother & thank her for the wonderful gift she has given us....

Micalee & Jace with their Swimming Lessons Certificate on the last day of class.
Forth of July celebration at First Baptist Blanchard. Micalee ate three, yes, three hotdogs!!!

Giving Mommy a good luck kiss before we got in the hot air balloon for a very short ride up & down. We still couldn't convince Daddy to join us!

Checking out the Life Air Rescue helicopter. How cool!!!

Holding hands with Jace during the fireworks display. So sweet!!!

Celebrating her birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop! This is her new friend, Panda! Now to get her all dressed up!

They are so cute dressed alike!

Getting ready for her birthday party at home! She helped blow up most of the balloons with that cool little gadget!!!

End of July fun at Brownlee Park with Isabella & Lillianne!!! This spray park is so much fun!!!

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K said...

I cannot get over 3 hot dogs - CUT IT OUT! Kelly