Friday, September 9, 2011

June 2011

June was just pure fun! Micalee got to see the ocean for the very first time! She started swimming lessons (along with her cousins). She started gymnastics at a new location (and loves it!). Here are a few shots of the month:

Every Wednesday at SciPort (during the summer months), they have a "Itty Bitty Scientists" program for 2-5 year-olds. They start with a story & then have some type of craft for the kids to do (usually related to the story). Micalee loves the program and just hanging out at SciPort. There is just so much to do! Here she is coloring a full sized tracing of herself (after hearing a story about shadows).

And posing with some of the creatures they have at SciPort.

My little brave girl! We actually started swimming lessons AFTER our beach trip. During the trip, Micalee was swimming with floaties in the pool, jumping in, and putting her face in the water! I think she forgot she didn't have her floaties on and jumped right in the pool the first day. Luckily, her instructor was close by & pulled her out immediately! It didn't seem to bother her too much, because she stuck with the lessons! She will definitely need to take more lessons (just too many kids for one instructor, so not alot of one-on-one time), but at least it got her started...

It's so hard to get a good shot of her at gymnastics because we are on the other side of window with just too much glare! She is loving it, though! She laughs & smiles the entire time! I have really noticed improvement in her balance, too!

The beach trip was just so relaxing & so much fun! I wasn't sure how she would like the open water. I knew she's like the sand (she loves to play in dirt/sand)! I loved the look on her face when she took off running to the surf! She never looked back! I believe we may just have to move to the coast!!!

This is the face I was talking about.....I took this the moment she ran into the surf!

I have to comment on this one! We had a board in the pool with us & Micalee took it upon herself to climb up & stand! It's like she was a natural born surfer! So we started pulling her around....

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beach bum -love it! kelly